Directed by Elena

As a director, I believe in using the tools of filmmaking to show the world a perspective they haven't yet considered.  I want to remind people that documentaries are cinema and that the truth can still be art, which is why I strive to push the boundaries of traditional documentary storytelling.  I also believe in diverse representation in the film industry, and am proud to be part of a growing wave of women behind the camera that are only recently being recognized.

I Am Human

(Co-Director Taryn Southern)

Premiering at Tribeca Film Festival on May 2 2019, additional screenings on May 3+4

Advancements in neurotechnology are revolutionizing what it means to be human. Following three subjects who undergo brain interface treatment, I AM HUMAN examines the ethical quandaries in brain exploration and the future of cognitive evolution.


Paper State

Undocumented, Unafraid, Undeterred

Four undocumented students in the Hudson Valley, New York fight for the right to go to college.

Winner of Best Student Documentary at Cannes Film Festival's American Pavilion in 2014, and Best Documentary at NFFTY in Seattle.  After playing in festivals around the country, The film is now taught in several college curriculums.​