Produced by Elena

As a producer, I specialize in accessing human stories that illuminate complex and emerging topics- whether they be culturally, scientifically, politically or psychologically significant.  I tend to chose narratives that expose the mainstream viewer to a new world view, in a way that is driven by human connection and empathy.

(Co-Director Taryn Southern)

Premiering at Tribeca Film Festival on May 2 2019, additional screenings on May 3+4

Advancements in neurotechnology are revolutionizing what it means to be human. Following three subjects who undergo brain interface treatment, I AM HUMAN examines the ethical quandaries in brain exploration and the future of cognitive evolution.

I Am Human



(Associate Producer Credit) Premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and now available on YoutubeRed


If life’s worth living it’s worth recording. Vlogumentary is a full-length documentary that explores the media revolution of vlogging by following some of YouTube’s top vloggers to find out what really happens behind the camera.

The Hunt with John Walsh

(Associate Producer Credit) 

CNN Original Series 


The series profiles an unsolved and ongoing high-profile crime story as told by witnesses (including the surviving victims) and law enforcement officials, along with re-enactments of how the events happened. A picture of the person or persons involved is shown along with a number to call if a viewer has any information or leads on the subject featured on the program.

Morgan Spurlock: Inside Man

(Associate Producer Credit) 

CNN Original Series 


The Academy Award-nominated director of "Super Size Me," tells compelling stories from an insider's perspective.